• BCHUSD Short
    27/06/2021 21.7801%
  • XBTUSD Long
    08/08/2021 13.0168%
  • ETHUSD Long
    30/06/2021 11.6637%
  • BCHUSD Long
    25/07/2021 7.9348%
  • XBTUSD Short
    14/09/2021 6.8911%
  • ETHUSD Short
    15/09/2021 6.5461%
  • XBTUSD Short
    04/08/2021 6.4550%
  • XBTUSD Long
    30/06/2021 4.6641%
  • XBTUSD Short
    14/07/2021 4.7316%
  • XBTUSD Long
    23/07/2021 5.4477%
  • BCHUSD Short
    21/07/2021 4.5313%
  • ETHUSD Long
    25/07/2021 4.1493%
  • XBTUSD Long
    24/07/2021 4.4041%
  • XBTUSD Long
    01/08/2021 4.4236%
  • XBTUSD Short
    21/07/2021 2.2886%
  • XBTUSD Short
    16/07/2021 1.8971%
  • XBTUSD Long
    25/06/2021 1.6282%
  • BCHUSD Long
    04/08/2021 1.6963%
  • XBTUSD Long
    05/07/2021 1.1018%
  • BCHUSD Long
    05/07/2021 1.2815%

Scrye Savings: Cryptocurrency AI Investment

Welcome, Here we show you how to start getting profit out of your Bitcoin.

We make this 3 Step guide to show how easy it is,

let’s start with Stage 1

Make Account with Scrye Savings – it’s FREE. You will get all the live signals on our home page.

Make sure you follow up on our Facebook page, to be the first one to know all our new features.

Scrye Savings app is now available on Google Play.

Now you ready for the next stage.

You need a place to act on that knowledge Generated by Scrye Savings AI-Black-Box.

Get BitMEX  Account:

We made (another) Guide to help setting up the account (and securing it) check out our Bitmex Guide.

All the information we are getting from BitMEX exchange, so the most accurate use of the information will be there.

Want to know more? check out “About the AI Black-Box“. You will get a better understanding of how Scrye Savings doing profits out of trades.

Next Stage

At this stage: you got the information, and you got the exchange to act on that information.

You just need to put some founds on the exchange account so you can perform the trades.

Here is a short guide on how to get Bitcoin.

Keep in mind – This is an Investment,

There’s one golden rule that you should always keep in mind and observe when you’re investing:Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

For more information check out our Disclaimer.
Congratulations! now you can upgrade all of this with our Bonus Stage.

So far, after you get a signal, you act on it on the exchange,

let’s make it Automatic!

in order to do so:

  1. Using our BitMEX guide, get an API key+ API secret. make sure to input the API key+ API secret in your Account API Settings
  2. Pick one or more Trades who will do the work for you, Even while you sleep!

New and Exciting Profits Await You Here

Reduced risk on Bitcoin investments with breakthrough technological means,
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opportunity to discover the tremendous potential of AI.

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Let Uncertainty Work for You

Bitcoin’s instability causes many to refrain from investing, despite the huge profit potential. With our smart machine learning tools, you have more options and availability for valuable knowledge to help you manage your investment wisely.

cms image

Advanced machine learning applications present cryptocurrency investment trading history for the last 180 days at any time,
enabling you to make the smartest decisions and keep up to date on your investment status in real-time.

With Scrye Savings unprecedented algorithmic investment success

Pick an asset to see Past Trades

You can learn a lot about your cryptocurrency investment from looking at a detailed history of past trades,
including an overlook of the closing price and yield rates of each move.
Groundbreaking artificial intelligence tools are at your disposal and will help you make informed decisions for your investment.