14/04/2021 13.0673%
  • BCHUSD Long
    06/04/2021 8.5576%
  • BCHUSD Long
    14/03/2021 7.4084%
  • BCHUSD Long
    02/04/2021 6.1498%
  • BCHUSD Short
    04/04/2021 5.6990%
  • BCHUSD Long
    04/03/2021 6.3654%
  • BCHUSD Long
    08/03/2021 3.3202%
  • BCHUSD Short
    07/04/2021 3.1507%
  • BCHUSD Long
    30/03/2021 3.0038%
  • XBTUSD Long
    03/03/2021 3.3771%
  • BCHUSD Long
    10/04/2021 2.9521%
  • BCHUSD Long
    28/01/2021 2.3371%
  • BCHUSD Short
    06/03/2021 1.8429%
  • BCHUSD Long
    31/03/2021 1.0248%
  • BCHUSD Long
    04/04/2021 1.4651%
  • BCHUSD Long
    04/02/2021 0.6508%
  • BCHUSD Long
    30/03/2021 1.0834%
  • BCHUSD Long
    25/03/2021 0.6897%
  • BCHUSD Short
    26/01/2021 1.1496%
  • BCHUSD Long
    28/03/2021 0.8813%

Bitmex Guides | Scrye Savings | Register BitMEX account

Register With Bitmex Exchange

To start experiencing your new and exciting investment opportunities, you will need to register with the Bitmex Exchange. You can either register here or use the affiliate link. Affiliate registrants will receive a discount on their fees for that first six months.

Get Your 6 Months Discount

Click here to get a 10% fee discount for Bitmex Exchange. The discount for the first 6 months. In order to set up your new account, follow the instructions.

Bitmex Register screen

Add 2FA Security

Bitmex 2FA setupNow you must protect your account! using a two-factor authentication method. You can install the 2FA app via Apple App Store or Google Play.

Quick Link

Almost There

After setting up your account, you will need 3 things in order to start trading.

  • Get your API key & API secret.
  • Deposit funds into your personal wallet, which is on your account. Use the guide to learn how to find it.
  • Withdrawing funds (and the profits) – Here You will be able to transfer Bitcoin to withdraw address. Bitmex exchange will transfer funds out each day at 13:00 UTC.

Make API key & Secret

This step is relevant for those of you that will choose to purchase one of our commercial account packages, which will allow you to gain a significant advantage.Make BitMEX API & Secret

An API Key and API Secret must be issued – these are the tools required to allow our product to do the trading on behalf of the customer in its stock exchange account automatically

Quick Link



  • Check “Order” on key permissions, but do not check “Withdraw”. you are the only one that should be authorized to withdraw your funds.
  • This is the only time you will gain access to your ‘secret’ – so make sure you save it for future verification.
  •  You can pick any name you would like.

Do You Want To Learn More?

Use our guides for additional information about using the Bitmex Exchange. Our past trade list is always at your disposal. The list will help you gain a firm grasp on your investment’s development. For any question, you may have, just contact us by leaving your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Time To Put Your Money To Work

After successfully registering to the system, it is time to deposit money into the trading account. You can find the deposit address within the stock exchange account, as shown in the picture below. with the assistance of the Bitcoin buying & selling guide, you are able to deposit money directly into your stock exchange account.Get Bitmex Deposit address

If you put the API key and the API secret on your Scrye Savings account – you can see the wallet address here.

Withdrawing Profits

BitMEX withdrawIn order to withdraw money from the stock exchange’s account, you may transfer the money to a withdrawal address which will transfer the Bitcoin to a bank account or credit card of your choice (use the Bitcoin sale guide to learn more), the customer may withdraw all the amount- or just parts of it – it is important to emphasize that if there is no money left in the stock exchange trading account – our product will not be able to open new transactions.

Want to buy or sell Bitcoin?

You can use it to deposit funds to your trading account or withdraw profits.

We made this Guide to help you out.